Next Level Urgent Care

"If I could describe Next Level Urgent Care in one word, it would just be excellence."

- M. Kelly

Next Level Urgent Care

- N. Butic

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I had an unbelievable experience with my 9 year old son! I had a zero wait time and he was immediately given meds to help with his nausea. These people went above and beyond to keep my son comfortable and get him better. Nurse Amanda was fantastic with him the entire time and he didn't even feel his IV. My son even asked when we left is he gets sick again can he go back. They have truly earned patients for life! Thanks again! You guys are awesome!

- Andrea C via Google + Champions location

Awesome experience, very professional in all aspect and quick and attentive . I will be using them from now on.

- Miguel K from Yelp Sugar Land

Came in with my 14-month old and got a room immediately. Staff was attentive and thorough. All the "paperwork" and payment were digital and completed on their iPad in our room. So easy and worry-free. Thanks for getting us in and out without a hitch.

- Ginger V. via Google + Copperfield

I was very impressed with the level of service my family received at the Meyerland Next Level Urgent Care Facility. The staff was very professional and attentive. The staff really listened and made sure when they explained things that we understood them. We were seen right away. I did not have too much time to read my book, so I was pleasantly surprised when we were in and out of the facility in less than 30 minutes! Thank you very much. I also liked the information we received after the appointment via e-mail, which gave me all the details from that appointment. This is an awesome feature, because we may not always remember what the doctor said, but now we can refer back to the information provided to us. Again, thank you!

- Mark Mall via Google + Meyerland

I came in at about 720 for my son to be seen. Before I got there I called to ensure they saw children and took his insurance. They see kids and accept all major insurance plans. When I walked in I was greeted by two friendly staff who led me to the room. It was empty so I was seen quickly. I checked in electronically on the ipad which was super easy. The doctor saw my son, diagnosed him and sent the prescription to Walgreen conveniently located next door. I was done within the hour! Awesome experience and I will definitely be back. I recommend to all moms out there!

- Jay C via Yelp-Copperfield

The only reason I came here was because it was the only Urgent Care open on a Sunday evening... and I'm so glad I did!

Not only did I have no wait, the staff were so friendly and the place was immaculate. Never have I felt so at-ease in a doctors office. My doctor was cracking me up the whole time.

I don't have insurance and was expecting a big bill, but it was only $200 to get a cyst numbed, lanced and packed. The doctor knew we were tight on money so he called around to find where I could get my 2 prescriptions the cheapest. He found somewhere that only charged me $30 for both. He also gave me samples of a prescription ointment I needed because the cheapest he could find it at a pharmacy was $40. He gave me more than I needed! I had to go back 2 days later to have the packing removed, this was covered in the initial $200.

On our way out the doctor gave me a nice quality reusable heat/cold pack, a t-shirt for me and one for my boyfriend, and 2 pens (that work on iPads.)

I hope I don't have a reason to visit an urgent care again, but if I do, I am definitely coming back here.

- Penelope W via Yelp Memorial Park

Woke up this morning with a rash on my chin. called several dermatologists and of course the earliest anyone could see me was in three to four days. I had in my hand the lip balm that my son had given me a few weeks earlier and I thought to call Next Level. Long story short , there was a location within 5 miles from my office and they said 'yes we treat skin rashes and yes we can see you right now. Sixty minutes later, I had prescription in my hand and took my first dose of antibiotic during lunch. One hour and a half from first phone call to taking medication. This is unheard of for me. Extremely convenient and they wouldn't even charge me until after the insurance settles. Thanks for the recommendation son.

- Nick G via Google +

My husband and son visited this location on Friday, June 27th for a minor injury. Our son had injured his big toe and needed treatment quickly! We were referred to visit this particular location by Daniel Guerrero, for the immediate attention our son needed! My husband was very pleased about the service rendered, the attention given by the nice staff and the technology. Also, we received a follow-up call from one of the staff members to check in to see how our son was doing and if we were able to get an appointment with the orthopedic doctor...talk about going above and beyond the call of service!! We'll definitely recommend and refer our family members and friends to seek a nearby Next Level Urgent Care facility for their medical needs! Keep up the awesome work!

- Maria G via Google + Sugarland

If you need to go to an urgent care in the Cypress area, I highly recommend Next Level Urgent Care. I took my husband there last Saturday (he had a sinus and ear infection). We normally go to the urgent care outside our neighborhood, but they had a 4 hour wait. Googled and found this place...we walked right in and they put us in a room right away. Very clean and updated. They did all paperwork electronically using an Ipad in the room, so no hand cramps. They offered us drinks and snacks. Very courteous! We were in and out within an hour (I truly believe it would have been shorter than this, but there was a shift change after we arrived and the lady taking care of us had to leave for an emergency-check out the other reviews too). Their equipment is very nice-the "table" that other places have was replaced with a very nice chair that lays back and goes up when needed AND, it had a warmer-my husband loved this since he was cold from fever. Then they give you a goody bag when you leave. They also did a follow up call to check on how my husband was doing. Needless to say, we were curious as to the cost, figuring it would be higher than the other place. But, I don't mind paying a little extra for good service. Just got our EOB, and it cost less! Will definitely drive the few extra minutes from now on to go here.

- Donna Edge via Google + Copperfield

My husband visited here for an allergic reaction to a wasp sting. We could not have been happier with the care he received. He was taken in immediately, and treated right away. The Doctor and staff were very friendly and knowledgeable, even talking with us about other issues we were having. I am very happy to have this urgent care so closed to home, and although we hope to not need them again feel better knowing they are there. Don't hesitate to go here if you need care.

- Laura C via Google + Long Meadow

I just left there after my very first visit and I feel as though I left a place I've been coming for years. Everyone was nice, quick and I was out of there faster than I could whip out my laptop and "do some work"...And that includes X-rays! Thanks so much guys! I'm even grateful for the shot in the tush because now I feel better than I have in the last week! I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends who need a place to go

- Lindsay Duff via Facebook Sugarland

Are you KIDDING me??  They greeted me at the door!!  Walked  me to the patient room and I was on my way in 45 minutes.  AMAZING!!  The staff, the doctor, the techs - I was pleasantly surprised and would recommend this place to my friends and family.

- Jessica S via Yelp Missouri City

My wife and I have used Next Level because our PCP (across the hall) sent us a letter recommending them. We have used them several times each for those irritating issues that arise in the late afternoon or on the weekend. 

It was the Sugar Land locations one year anniversary today when I needed attention for a continuing cold and cough. My PCP and his PA's were booked after lunch so I went across the hall and was seen immediately. 

These folks are great! Alicia, the PA, is such a delight. All are extremely professional and treat you with total dignity and respect.

We have used several "Doc-in-the-Box" places in Sugar Land but we're never really pleased with the "experience" and an ER Visit for a cold or others minor things can, unfortunately, be taxing on your patience as they must care for serious stuff first. 

I highly recommend Next Level as a great alternative when you need some tender loving care and your Doctor is backed up.

- Kent M via Yelp Sugar Land

After being told of a two hour wait and would I like to schedule an appointment for tomorrow at MedSpring, I called Next Level and Sam told me had no wait and were so kind and friendly, if I hadn't had a raging headache I would have loved being there! Great in and out service. I've had migraines for years and told them what works and the doctor prescribed just that. Next Level really made my day better!

- Crazy A via Yelp Memorial Park

Everything great about an urgent care clinic. Very fast service. In and out. The doctor could explain everything about my diagnosis and they called in my prescription right then and there. The doctor even called to follow up days later. Definitely recommend and gladly use next time I need an urgent care visit.

- Sarah D via Yelp Memorial Park

I've been here once and also taken my niece. The staff is friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. The facility is clean and we'll maintained. I would definitely recommend this facility to my friends and family.

- Gabe H via Google-Cinco Ranch

Next Level sets the bar pretty high. I've had a pretty terrible run with urgent care clinics (I need to stop getting sick on the weekends!), but this was by far the best experience I have ever had with one. They were very friendly, prompt, clear, and the facility was very nice.

- Shelby L via Yelp Memorial Park

I'm here at this awesome urgent care clinic. My son, he's 27yrs. old, calls me & says he thinks he messed up his foot. I've not had the best experiences at a couple urgent care  clinics in the past, so I leaned on Yelp for guidance. Next Level had such positive reviews I decided to take him here. From the moment we walked in the door, everyonw was so very nice, & welcoming.  Felt like they knew my son they were so engaging. I actually asked him did he know the nurses, lol, he said he didn't. Dr. Chang was super & was very thorough. Ashley was extremely sweet, she offered beverages & he wanted coffee. There was no coffee brewing, but she took the time to brew him a cup   & came into the exam room to get specific direction from him on how much creamer he would like. Talk about customer service!! The clinic is clean, lots of open parking,and look, just come to this place, you'll have a great experience despite your illness. I'm going to let all my family & friends know about next level? They have certainly taken patient care & customer service to the "Next Level", and other clinics should take a lesson..

- Nikki R via Yelp Memorial Park

Wow, the folks at Next Level went above and beyond in the care of my son. I brought him in one evening. They got us in almost immediately. The check in procedure was so simple and all digital, which is a godsend when dealing with a two year old in pain. They treated the issue and took X-rays quickly. The doctor asked us to come back the following morning for a follow up, which I've never had happen at an urgent care. The next morning when we came back, my son was still in pain and the doctor wanted to get a second opinion. He and the nurses spent the next hour on the phone trying to find someone who could fit him that day. I was so grateful and truly impressed with the care he received. I will recommend this urgent care to everyone I know

- Katie W via Yelp Memorial Park

After getting a call from my child's school nurse about a suspected strep throat at 4 p.m., I had no luck getting in to see our pediatrician. The nurse recommended I try Next Level, since it was close by and they could see her quickly. I took her there and she was right! The staff was really nice, the facility is very well-done and check in was a breeze (all on an iPad!). Wait time was minimal and soon we were checked out and on our way, with a popsicle for my daughter to help with the throat pain and prescriptions waiting for us at the pharmacy. We even got a follow-up phone call a couple of days later to see how she was doing! Very happy with the experience. Strangely enough, I wound up having to go back again a month later with a child with an eye infection after pediatrician's office hours. Again, had a great experience, very little wait time and we were well taken care of. Would definitely recommend Next Level.

- KMS via Google + Sugar Land

I was very impressed! I got in immediately, and the usual paperwork was much more convenient with their iPad technology. Everyone was very thoughtful, caring, and professional. I would highly recommend!

- Chris K via Yelp Long Meadow

It's never fun to need an urgent care clinic, but the staff at Next Level made the experience very pleasant. The processes for rooming patients create very fast, smooth flow - almost zero wait on a Saturday morning. The doctor I saw was very through & friendly. Overall, I would highly recommend this location!

- Shannon H via Yelp Memorial Park