Can You Overdose On Sugar?

6/15/2019 12:00:00 AM Published by Next Level Urgent Care

Ever consumed so much sugar that you feel sick?  While overdosing on sugar may not cause a toxicity reaction, it does have its own slew of side effects that may cause the feeling that we just overdosed on a drug. 

Here’s what happens to your body when you over consume sugar: 

You get “high.” A sugar high, is a term we use for the feeling you get when you consume so much sugar that you feel a little bit out of control.  Perhaps, your hands are shaking, or you feel a bit buzzed, or caffeinated.  In reality, the sugar high feeling is a result of a very high blood sugar levels. Our bodies work hard to keep our blood sugar levels within a very specific set of parameters and when we overconsume, the sugar high is our body’s reaction to an emergency situation – blood sugar outside of its normal range.  

You crash. A sugar crash is the feeling we get after the "high."  It generally comes within an hour or two after the "high."  Our body just spent a good amount of time putting our pancreas in overdrive, causing cells to take up a lot more blood sugar than usual, and ultimately, resulting in very low blood sugar, which causes the effects of the sugar crash: fatigue, weakness, and nausea.  

You store fat.  Fat storage is the final step in the sugar overdose succession.  Cells take on way too much blood sugar and once fat cells are done fulfilling their own energy needs, they are free to convert the excess sugar into fat, which is the body’s primary energy storage medium.    

While the effects of overconsumption of sugar are not fun, you do not have to fully avoid it.  Avoid this process by consuming sugar in moderation and along with healthy and wholesome foods that may slow the rate of sugar release in your bloodstream.  Or better yet, consume sugar through natural foods such as fruits that contain fiber and additional nutrients to contribute to a healthier lifestyle.